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Have you ever heard a song on the radio, loved it, and wished you knew what it was?
On the iPhone, there is Shazam!, but there is nothing for the computer? How could that be?
That is exactly what we thought, so Brightwire, along with Wildbits, made SongID.
You don't even need to do anything. With Tunatic (comes with Identify Song) installed,
just open SongID from your dock, and in seconds, you will know what song is playing and who its by.
You will also be able to download it directly from iTunes, as well as other options.
Credit is given to the makers of Tunatic (Wildbits) for asistance in this project.

Download link below!

System Requirments

Identify Song and Tunatic require Mac OS X 10.5 or higher to run, as well as an internet connection. We are currently working on a 10.4 version, but if you want a version for a lower system, tell us, and we will do our best.
There is a PC version of Tunatic, which requires Windows 2000/XP, and can be downloaded from the Wildbits website, at

You need to download Tunatic and SongID for this to work.
Download Tunatic HERE 

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