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This page is the About page, as you may have noticed!
Below are each of our bio things!

Gabe Reiss

Gabe is the owner of this Brightwire Software, as well as Brightwire Design ( He (being me) also personally designs all the icons and writes all the programs. 
If you want to email him, Feel free to use the contact form below, or send an email to 
If you want to contact him about non-Brightwire related things, use the second contact form below, or send an email to


This guy helps create all the software, AND helps set up the website, AND helps design the icons. He rocks!
Honestly, without him, there would be no Brightwire.
He does not really have an email, but just email Gabe or Brightwire, and we will tell Mac what you said.

Other Mac

The same as Mac above but not as good (no offense, other mac).

    Email Brightwire []

    Email Gabe (Non-Brightwire Related Things) []

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